Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kids Mania2 : On Windows Store

Kids Mania2 App
Kids Mania2 : The Kids World 

So have you liked our Kids Mania App which has hit tremendous number of Downloads. 

Then how can you not be interested in Sequel of the App ;) 

Here we Present Kids Mania2 ....
Wonder, What is upgradation and fetaures we offer.

  • Interface that any kid [or you] will love
  • Stories That you can read by simply clicking next
  • Download you favourite Jingles
  • Live Story Options [ Stories that will be updated every 10 to 15 days. Without any App Update ;) ] 
  • You get to read new Story almost every week or two [ Exciting Right ? ]
So What Are you waiitng for, 

Kids Mania2

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Travel Guide London

Travel Guide To London 
Travel Guide To London is An Informatory App that would Act like Guide for you For London Travel. 
Includes details about Embassies located in London, Places that you must visit, Bus and Train Routes/Details, Food and Refreshment Details, Image Gallery, Maps of Different London Attraction. Cool Interface and an amazing map that you would love to keep, whether or not you are in London. 

This App requires and uses Internet to Function properly.


  • Map With Language support
  • places Information
  • Images
  • Local Travel Information

Click here to Know More

Travel Guide London 

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