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Soon You Might See Face Of A Woman On a 20 Dollar Bill

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Soon We Might witness Woman On 20 dollar Bill As the US Campaign "Women on 20s" Is Picking up A Momentum 
Women's Place is on the Money

What is Women on 20s Campaign
This Particular group has started this Campaign named Women on 20s And it is getting Positive Response with most of People Supporting the cause. To break it up for you, This campaign is about getting Women on Currency of 20 dollar currency note. 
As we have seen and known that Women has been great part of History but has hardly been acknowledged. 
World wide we see all great Men From History on Currency , but have hardly seen any Women on the same.

Hear and Watch these kids finding Girls On the Money. 

So here we have this Campaign, where demand and petition is being raised to Get Face of Women on 20 Dollar bill.
For this they have started Voting on their site, and 15 Female candidates have been listed for whom People can Vote and choose. More Than 7000 People have voted in online poll of 15 potential replacement for Andrew Jackson(Right now Andrew Jackson's face is on 20 dollar bill ) 

Here is the Complete List of 15 Candidates

1.Elizabeth Cady Stanton
2.Susan B. Anthony
3.Harriet Tubman
4.Rosa Parks
5.Sojourner Truth
6.Alice Paul
7.Patsy Mink
8.Margaret Sanger
9.Clara Barton
10.Shirley Chisholm
11.Rachel Carson
12.Frances Perkins
13.Betty Friedan
14.Barbara Jordan
15.Eleanor Roosevelt?
Women On 20s aims to compel historic change by convincing President Obama that NOW is the time to put a woman's face on our paper currency.
Why they are opting for 20 dollar bill there are two reasons for this.
1. Andrew Jackson was celebrated for his military prowess, for founding the Democratic party and for his simpatico with the common man. But as the seventh president of the United States, he also helped gain Congressional passage of the "Indian Removal Act of 1830" that drove Native American tribes of the Southeastern United States off their resource-rich land and into Oklahoma to make room for white European settlers. Commonly known as the Trail of Tears, the mass relocation of Indians resulted in the deaths of thousands from exposure, disease and starvation during the westward migration. Not okay.
2. Some argue that because Jackson was a fierce opponent of the central banking system and favored gold and silver coin or "hard money" over paper currency, he is an ironic choice for immortalization on our money. 
Last year, when a little girl asked President Obama why there weren't any women on U.S. currency and provided a list of good candidates, he said adding a woman was a “pretty good idea.” Afterall President obama is going to take the decision 

Please Share And vote As Much You Can If You Want Woman On 20 doller bill here ->Women On 20s - 

"Women have always been an equal part of the past. They just haven't been part of history."
-- Gloria Steinem
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